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What's your favorite vegetarian meal?

I prefer a hotdog bun.



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The third most favourite search subject after Sex, Porn is...UFOs.

And I can't stop listening to www.youtube.com/watch 

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Do you think kids should learn about sex in school, and why?

Yes, I can't even believe this is even a question. Children should be prepared for life through school (yeah I know I'm being idealistic) and teaching them about sex is one lesson that schools can't afford to not teach. I admit that part of me is saying "no, the parents should ultimately be responsible" but this is just too naive of me to think that, since some parents just don't give a damn, or have too many personal or religious hang ups to properly teach their offspring about the facts of life. In this case I think the schools have a duty to provide guidance for these types of children.
As for the lessons themselves, well they shouldn't just be dumped on in one year, they should be ingrained within the stages of a child's progression through education right up until they hit their final year. With this in mind I would like to see a greater emphasis on the multitudes of sexual expression and behaviour (ie not just hetro PIV sex) when "children" are deemed significantly mature enough to handle such information.
The system as it stood for me when I were a lad, was that I received a very factual explanation of how babies were made, differences between boy and girl and then puberty etc... and a question and answer time which my childfree, bachelor teacher handled quite well. This was when I was between 10-11.
As I got older there was a bit more focus on the biological aspects of growing up (which I didn't really pay attention to) during human biology and when a got a bit older 14+ we focused on condom use, HIV and the more nitty gritty things about sex. I was lucky at this point as I had a teacher who was not a woman who could be easily embarrassed.
Now the system (PSHE) as it stands (even though I haven't experience in over nearly ten years), needs to be strengthened as the greatest obstacle we currently face are the holy joes who seem to think it's in their child's best interest to opt them out of school because learning about homosexuality might "make them gay, innit?" This is really one of the few times when I think the government needs to interfere in belief (especially faith schools) by making these lessons mandatory and taking your kids out of them a criminal offence*. Metaphorically our castle needs to be reinforced and ready least the barbarians try and breach the gates.

* Indeed, there was a big stink caused by Ed Balls of the previous Labour government who was pushing to do just this. However as this was a few months before the election, I can't help but feel cynical.

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If you had to go an entire week without TV, music, or your mobile phone, which would you choose, and why?

Well, for me, it would have to be the TV, and not in the jarring fasionable ZOMG! I don't watch the idiot box, I'm sooo not part of the sheep-like masses!!!1!ONE! sentiment that seems popular with the garden variety pseudointellectuals these days. (And has been for a while) I could go without TV because it would be easiest to give up for a week, as there's not a great deal of stuff I watch on telly, apart from the odd South Park, QI, Bear Grylls etc...

Plus with the wonders of sky box recording... ;)

Mobile phone I probably could go without since sometimes I can go a day and forget to switch the little bugger on. Though that could just be due to my social life which took a bit of a nose dive a while back.

Music. I deffo could not give up for a week. I often use it in the background while cleaning stuff, or just because... I often like it while reading stuff on t'net.

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Is there a specific song or band that makes you yearn for the past?

For the number one song that makes me yearn for the student days of when I was a stupid fresher, I think I'd have to go with "Same Jeans" by The View.

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If you've been following a relatively obscure band and they start to become popular, do you tend to lose interest at some point? Is mainstream appeal a turn off when it comes to music?

NO! There's nothing more annoying than hearing someone go "OMG too mainstream" and/or "commercial" whenever you mention a particular band. Granted there are occasions when it's justified when a particular song becomes overplayed (oh "Sex on Fire" am I ever looking in your general direction..) But when it comes to bands it does get extremely irritating when you hear music snobs try and out do each other on who has the most obscure music. Thankfully I've only ever encountered this breed on the internet though...

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Perhaps I should have posted this on 4chan? Oh well....

For those of you unfamilar with the Shit was SO cash! meme

Will to Cut 1Collapse )

Will to Cut 2Collapse )

If you found this entry to be a highly ribald knee-slapping affair then I would urge you to have a look at loltheorists 

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It was the last ever Prose Creative Writing lecture, so we ended up with a big lecture on "question everthing" and "what DID you get out of this? Go on I won't be upset...?"

We had a nice chat about the most transgressive books we've ever read (Crash, and Snuff being mine...) the most nastiest thing we've ever read was The White Hotal (Nazi rape/genocide). And then we wound up in the SU bar discussing socialism, British politics, the unwritten constitution and a final get-together...uh oh!

And then we brought our lecturer one final glass of white wine and cheered as he left for his next class. HIP HIP HORRAY x3

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The novel inverts the Genesis story in a number of ways: It is Adam, not Eve, who is tempted; the tempter is female, not a subtle male serpent, and Digory/Adam resists the temptation. His sense of devent behaviour prevails! He obediantly takes the fruit to Aslan and it is planted in Narnia where it grows into a tree which will guard the land and ensure that it remains a place of innocent joy for hundreds of years. As a reward for his virtue Digory is given a fruit from this new tree to take home to his mother. When she has eaten it she grows well again, and life for Digory returns to what it was before she became ill, a time of innocent delight blessed by her presence:

windows were opened, frowsey curtains were drawn back to brighten up the rooms, there were news flowers everywhere,
and nicer things to ear, and the old piano was tuned and Mother took up her singing again, and had such games with Digory
and Polly that Aunt Letty would say 'I declare Mabel, you're the biggest baby of the three.'

Thus Digory remains in an emotionally static, dependent relationship with his mother, and in Narnia the fall and explusion from Paradise is avoided. If, smybolically the exuplusion from paradise, the 'fortunate fall', is the begninning of humanity's development into adulthood which is dependant upon the experience of suffering, the essential basis of compassion and altruism, then Narnia is a land of perpetual childhood and Digory, unlike Bastian Bax, makes no progress on the journey towards full humanity. David Holbrook suggests that the Narnia stories owe their existence to the fact that Lewis' mother died when he was a baby, leaving him with a psychic hunger for nurturance. He sees the stories as an attempt to find a way into the other world to which the mother had gone, the world of death, so the Narnia is a place which denies real life and growth (Holbrook 1973: 6). Whether or not one wishes to go along with Holbrook's essentially Freudian reading, these stories certainly depict childhood as a state more desireable than adulthood, a time when access to paradise is still possible.

Margery Hourihan "Deconstructing the Hero: Literary Theory and Children's Literature."

And in other news: I got a new (2nd hand) set of armour for Kendo....woo!

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